What people think about the exhibit in National Harbor, MD

4.3 out of 5 stars

Jessica M.

My family and I really enjoyed this well organized and thought out exhibition. It was like walking through a documentary and we felt as if we really got to know some of the passengers personally by the end. We loved it!

Matthew M.

Riveting stories, expert layouts, and engrossing narration. This exhibit is excellent.

Hong C.

It was a fantastic experience. Definitely enjoyed the exhibits and the audio narrative was great too.

Leonardo T.

Great setting, full of original items from the passengers and crew. Audio is precise and full of information as well as curiosities. Definitely worth seeing.

Jane G.

The audio tour was excellent. Good timing. Interesting without any excess. Everyone working there was friendly and kind.

Douglas S.

A very well done exhibit, learned quite a bit which I did not know about the Titanic.

Amy B.

Exhibit was well done, nicely narrated with the audio guide and well paced.

Rebecca K.

Excellent! Very well done. My 14 year old son and I really enjoyed it.

Elizabeth M.

The Titanic Exhibit was definitely worth the trip into the city. It was very thorough and covered everything from the inception of plans for the ship to the last moments at sea. Loved every second of it.

T. Cohen

My husband is a Titanic fan and I got him tix to the exhibit as a surprise. I was a bit fearful that it might be a bit simplistic and tacky. It was neither! Very well done and the audio guide was excellent.

Josh A.

Great experience and well organized exhibition on the sunken ship. I love the real stories and learned many things about the Titanic, the people and the time in history. Most definitely recommendable.

Aida C.

Pretty interesting. Kids ages 10, 12, 14, and 16 also liked it.

Jennifer B.

Loved this exhibition! So educational I took my 12 year old to it and she was amazing at the amount of history that was preserved: from the artifacts to the stories.

Annic de R.

Beautiful and emotional: so many lives lost. I would have liked more on the theories behind the accident.

Nanine M.

Very interesting exhibit. Wonderful artifacts and pictures. My entire family enjoyed it. Very glad we were able to attend.

Karen T.

Wonderful collection of enlarged photographs interspersed with some personal stories, both tragic and blessed. Some of the items which they salvaged from the ship are fascinating- unique and lovely.

Lisa A.

The exhibit was very tastefully done and honored the lives of the many lost. I would recommend to anyone looking to get a glimpse into those who sailed the Titanic and the circumstances that brought together people from all walks of life on that tragic day!

Jane R.

Wow. Just wow. Life changing experience.