-New York-

Step into an emotional journey through
the Titanic’s true stories
A journey through the Titanic’s true story,
arriving this Fall in New York City.

-New York-

Step into an emotional journey through
the Titanic’s true stories
A journey through the Titanic’s true story,
arriving this Fall in New York City.
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The story of the Titanic begins in a mansion in London, 1907. One summer night, Lord William James Pirrie (chairman of shipbuilders Harland and Wolff) and J. Bruce Ismay (director of shipping company White Star Line) planned the construction of three of the largest and most magnificent ships in the world: the Olympic, the Titanic and the Gigantic, which after the Titanic’s tragedy would become the Britannic.
The luxury and grandeur in Ismay and Pirrie’s ocean liners were unparalleled at the time. Their interiors could compete with even the best hotels and restaurants, and the implementation of a state-of-the-art watertight door system meant that they were considered “practically unsinkable”.


After delays due to inclement weather and stops to stock up on provisions, the Titanic at last set sail on 10th April 1912. It docked first in Cherbourg, France, then in Queenstown, Ireland, picking up passengers in both cities before heading to its destination in New York.
The first three days went by without incident. It wasn’t until midnight on 14th April that the ship saw its first and final hazard: an enormous iceberg, drifting towards the ship. First officer William Murdoc immediately ordered the crew to steer off course to slow the ship, but unfortunately he could not stop the ice from striking the starboard side.
We all know how this story ends…


From the moment the Titanic disappeared into the waters of the Atlantic, “the ship of dreams” became highly sought after by oceanographers, treasure hunters and even businessmen from all over the world. It was discovered at last on 1st September 1985 in Nova Scotia, Canada, about 800 kilometres away from the coast and at a depth of almost 4 kilometres.
The first recovery expedition began the following year. Some objects were recovered in 1987, but it was only in 1993 when George Tulloch’s company, the RMS Titanic, was legally authorised to salvage items from the ship. It is estimated that in one generation, perhaps two, erosion and bacteria will take their toll on the Titanic and break down the remains until they are nothing but a legend.
Gone, but not forgotten. Titanic. The Exhibition aims to preserve the magic, beauty, history and integrity of the Titanic, keeping alive the memory and sharing its maritime, historic and cultural significance with the world.


Claes-Göran Wetterholm (Nora, 1952) is probably one of the world’s greatest authorities on the history of the Titanic. An eminent ethnologist, historian, researcher and writer, he is the author of several books on the ship, most notably Titanic (1988). He has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to investigating and studying the history of the Titanic, and since 1987 he has contributed to numerous exhibitions. He has also taken part in four expeditions to the wreckage of the ship (1993, 1994, 1996 and 1998).

Since 2003, he is the curator and historian for this exhibition, which is now coming to London for the first time. Throughout the years he has carefully selected the artefacts and personal stories that best convey the philosophy behind the display: empathy and a sense of closeness with all those who were aboard.



All historical photographs in this website and the Exhibition’s communication assets belong to ©Claes Göran-Wetterholm’s personal archive, as well as ©Harland and Wolff’s archives, and are used with the respective owners’ permission. Unauthorised use or reproduction is forbidden.

Titanic. The Exhibition would also like to thank the following people and institutions for their collaboration and contributions: Claes-Göran Wetterholm – Gunilla & Amy Genrup – Hjördis Ohlsson – Craig & Ruth Sopin – Joan Randall – Per & Anna-Greta Nilsson – Susanne Murdoch – Jill Stuifbergen – Günter Bäbler – Ann-Charlotte, Kaj & Patrick Bäck – Brigitte Saar – Bo & Doris Strandberg – Lars Erik & Elisabeth Svennerby – Bo Jerndell – Yvone & Bengt Möller-Jonsson – Familjen Ugarte – Lina Kindblom – Per Warvlin

Immerse Yourself in an Emotional Experience

Titanic. The Exhibition is far more than a display of historic items: it is a unique narrative experience, a tale of the people aboard history’s most legendary ship on its maiden and final journey. Travel back to 1912 through photographs, handwritten letters, wayward keepsakes, and other personal belongings telling countless stories about the fates and heroic deeds on board.
Visitors at Titanic. The Exhibition in New York

Connect with the Past

The exhibition boasts over 200 original objects. Connect with the Titanic’s passengers, listen to their testimonies, and discover their stories through their belongings. You’ll walk in their footsteps as you explore life-size, detailed recreations of the ship’s interior, witnessing the stark contrast between a lavish first-class suite and a humble third-class cabin.
Projections and recreations at Titanic: The Exhibit in NYC

Discover the True Story

Created by the Spanish company Musealia and the contribution of Titanic historian and expert Claes-Göran Wetterholm, this experience separates fact from fiction like never before. An audio guide in multiple languages will serve as your narrator, bringing every historical account to life with music, sound effects and testimonies from Titanic passengers and crew. Unravel the true story of the ship as you embark on a trip through time bringing you closer to the myths, stories and the real history of the Titanic.
Visitors with audio guide at Titanic. The Exhibition NYC
  • Visitors with audio guide at Titanic. The Exhibition NYC
    An audio guide will take you on a narrative experience describing the events on that fateful day in 1912
  • Personal belongings of the Titanic passengers at Titanic: The Exhibit in NYC
    Unravel the true story of the ship through personal belongings, photographs and other relics
  • Titanic pieces and objects at Titanic. The Exhibition NYC
    Walk through a recreation of the ship's interior—from a first-class suite to a humble third-class cabin

Practical Info

  1. Date: From November 2022
  2. Opening hours: Various sessions open daily except Mondays
  3. Duration: The visit will take around 80 to 90 minutes
  4. Location: 526 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 (Southeast Corner of W. 14th Street at 6th Avenue)
  5. Age requirement: All ages! Children under 4 enter free of charge
  6. Price: Ticket prices may vary depending on the date & time selected. Adult tickets available from $31
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The Exhibit in New York City

526 6th Avenue, (Southeast Corner of 14th W. Street at 6th Avenue), NY, New York. 10011, USA
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Titanic. The Exhibition NYC Reviews

How visitors felt about Titanic. The Exhibition in New York City

  • Jane R.

    Wow. Just wow. Life changing experience.

  • Jessica M.

    My family and I really enjoyed this well organized and thought out exhibition. It was like walking through a documentary and we felt as if we really got to know some of the passengers personally by the end. We loved it!

  • Matthew M.

    Riveting stories, expert layouts, and engrossing narration. This exhibit is excellent.

  • Hong C.

    It was a fantastic experience. Definitely enjoyed the exhibits and the audio narrative was great too.

  • Leonardo T.

    Great setting, full of original items from the passengers and crew. Audio is precise and full of information as well as curiosities. Definitely worth seeing.

  • Jane G.

    The audio tour was excellent. Good timing. Interesting without any excess. Everyone working there was friendly and kind.

  • Douglas S.

    A very well done exhibit, learned quite a bit which I did not know about the Titanic.

  • Amy B.

    Exhibit was well done, nicely narrated with the audio guide and well paced.

  • Rebecca K.

    Excellent! Very well done. My 14 year old son and I really enjoyed it.

  • Elizabeth M.

    The Titanic Exhibit was definitely worth the trip into the city. It was very thorough and covered everything from the inception of plans for the ship to the last moments at sea. Loved every second of it.

  • T. Cohen

    My husband is a Titanic fan and I got him tix to the exhibit as a surprise. I was a bit fearful that it might be a bit simplistic and tacky. It was neither! Very well done and the audio guide was excellent.

  • Josh A.

    Great experience and well organized exhibition on the sunken ship. I love the real stories and learned many things about the Titanic, the people and the time in history. Most definitely recommendable.

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  •  - Titanic. The Exhibition in New York City
    In about 80 to 90 minutes, ticket holders come face-to-face with a selection of personal artifacts that have never before been on display in the United States, offering an intense view into the lives of the legendary ship's passengers and crew (...)
  •  - Titanic. The Exhibition in New York City
    'Titanic. The Exhibition' retells the famous luxury liner’s story in New York City.
  •  - Titanic. The Exhibition in New York City
    Visitors can see a diary written on board the Titanic until the day of the sinking, letters, clothing, a life-vest, a life-sized replica of the water-tight doors within the ship and many objects that tell a detailed story.
  •  - Titanic. The Exhibition in New York City
    Visitors can even walk through a replica hallway of one of the cabins on the ship, providing the real feel of what it was like to be a passenger.

Titanic. The Exhibition at a glance

  • Personal belongings of the Titanic passengers at Titanic: The Exhibit in NYC
  • Visitors at Titanic. The Exhibition in New York
  • Visitors at Titanic: The Exhibit in NYC
  • Visitors at Titanic: The Exhibit in NYC
  • Visitors at Titanic. The Exhibition in New York
  • Titanic's staterooms and common rooms in New York exhibit
  • Model of the Titanic at Titanic. The Exhibition NYC
  • Visitors at Titanic. The Exhibition in New York
  • Titanic pieces and objects at Titanic. The Exhibition NYC
  • The famous necklace at Titanic: The Exhibit in NYC


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